Journal of Low Temperature Physics

Volume 206 • Numbers 1/2 • January 2022

Volume 205 • Numbers 5/6 • December 2021

Special Issue: Special Issue in Honor of Prof. David Lee and Prof. John Reppy on the Occasion of their 90th Birthdays, Part I

Guest Editors: Neil Sullivan . Jukka Pekola . Paul Leiderer


M. Chan · W.P. Halperin 155

Memories of Lee and Reppy

N.D. Mermin 158

Some Experiments with Superfluid 4He Films: From Persistent Currents to the Kosterlitz–Thouless Transition

R.B. Hallock 160

Confined 4He Near Tl: Scaling and Giant Proximity Effects

F.M. Gasparini 183

Weakly Damped Vortex Flow on the Free Surface of a Normal Helium He-I Layer

A. Pelmenev · A. Levchenko · L. Mezhov-Deglin 200

The AB Transition in Superfluid 3He

W.P. Halperin · M. Nguyen · J.W. Scott · J.A. Sauls 218

Anomalous Inferred Viscosity and Normal Density Near the 3He Tc in a Torsion Pendulum

Y. Tian · E. Smith · J. Reppy · J. Parpia 226

Recent Experimental Studies on Solid 4He

M.H.W. Chan 235

Experimental Study of Classical and Quantum Internal Friction in Solid 4He

A. Danzig · O. Scaly · E. Polturak 253

Shear Modulus and Dislocation Effects in bcc 3He

Z.G. Cheng · J. Beamish 263

Volume 205 • Numbers 3/4 • November 2021

Young Scientist Prize Announcement for Low Temperature Physics 99


Preparation and Superconducting Properties of Nb3Sn by Mechanical Alloying
W. Sun • J. Cheng • S. Chen 100
Quantum Phase Transition and Quantum Correlation in the Two-dimensional Honeycomb-bilayer Lattice Antiferromagnet
L.S. Lima 112
Non-Markovian Dynamics of Geometric Quantum Discord in a Double Quantum Dot System
A. Ablimit • D. Hitjan • A. Abliz 126
The Different Temperature-Dependent Behaviors of Dark Solitons in Fermi Superfluid Gases Along the BCS–BEC Crossover
R.-L. Qu • K. Li • Y.-X. Bai • H.-S. Zhao 135
Noise Performance and Thermalization of a Single Electron Transistor using Quantum Fluids
N.R. Beysengulov • J.R. Lane • J.M. Kitzman • K. Nasyedkin • D.G. Rees • J. Pollanen 143

Volume 205 • Numbers 1/2 • October 2021


Ground-State Properties of Rotating Binary Spin–Orbit-Coupled Bose Gas with Mass Imbalance

Q. Zhao · H. Bi 1

Decoherence of Magneto-Bipolaron with Strong Coupling in a Quantum Dot Qubit Under Applied Electric Field

D.C. Ngoufack Guimapi · M. Silenou Mengoue · A.E. Merad · A.J. Fotue 11

Dynamics and Decoherence of Polaron in Monolayer Graphene Under Magnetic Field

C. Kenfack-Sadem · N.M. Akoumba · F.C.F. Mbognou · A.J. Fotue · Y. Sun · L.C. Fai 29

Plasmon modes in BLG-GaAs Double-Layer Structures: Temperature Effects

V.-M. Nguyen · K.-P.T. Dong 45

Excess Conductivity of High-Temperature Superconductors Polycrystalline

Y3Ba5Cu8O18±d Doped with TiO2 Nanoparticles

S. Ghahramani · G. Shams · Z. Soltani 55

Theoretical Study on Various Contributions to the Magnetization of Pb1-xMnxS and Pb1-xMnxSe

H. Roy · R.L. Hota 82

Volume 204 • Numbers 5/6 • September 2021


Refrigeration Below 1 Kelvin

H. Cao 175

Effects of Spin Orbit Interaction (SOI) on the Thermodynamic Properties of a Quantum Pseudodot

B. Donfack · A.J. Fotue 206

Structural and Electrical Properties of Nanosized Sm2O3 Doped Bi1.6Pb0.4Sr2Ca2Cu3Oy Superconductors

Ö. Bilgili 223

Estimation of the Spontaneous Magnetization and the Magnetic Entropy Change in Gd3Ni2 and Gd3CoNi Systems using the Landau Theory

N. Khedmi · S. Khadhraoui · H. Hammami · M. Hsini 235

Volume 204 • Numbers 3/4 • August 2021


Mn Ion Influence on the Structural and Magnetic Response of CaTi1–xMnxO3

I.M. Saavedra Gaona · E.W.C. Anzola · M.A.M. Moreno · C.L.S. Sáenz · C. Canaria · A.M. Turatti · J.L. Pimentel Jr · F. Mesquita · C.A. Parra Vargas 85

Thermo-Magnetic Signature of a Superconducting Multi-band Square with Rough Surface

C.A. Aguirre · J. Faúndez · S.G. Magalhães · A.S. Mosquera-Polo · J. Barba-Ortega 95

Oscillating Quantum Droplets From the Free Expansion of Logarithmic

One-dimensional Bose Gases

O.A. Rodríguez-López · E. Castellanos 111

Modeling of Vibration and Drift Behaviors Triggered by Environmental Factors in a Superconducting Maglev with Thermal-Electromagnetic Interaction

C. Huang · T. Zhang · Z. Song 129

Coulomb Blockade Thermometry Beyond the Universal Regime

N. Yurttagül · M. Sarsby · A. Geresdi 143

A 14-Pole Dual-Band High Temperature Superconducting Filter Including Narrow Bandstop Notches

X. Yu · W. Xi · P. Yan 163

Volume 204 • Numbers 1/2 • July 2021


Effects of Dipole–Dipole Interaction on Vortex Motion in Bose–Einstein Condensates

Q. Zhao 1

The Casimir Effect in a Dilute Bose Gas in Canonical Ensemble within Improved Hartree–Fock Approximation

N. Van Thu 12

The Solutions on One-Dimensional Dirac Oscillator with Energy-Dependent Potentials and Their Effects on the Shannon and Fisher Quantities of Quantum Information Theory

A. Boumali · M. Labidi 24

Improved Magnetoresistance in Sm0.7-xCexSr0.3MnO3 Manganites Prepared by a Sol–Gel Route

E. Lakhal · A. Amira · R. Chihoub · N. Soylu · S.P. Altintas · A. Varilci · C. Terzioglu 48

Environmentally Friendly Energy Harvesting Using Magnetocaloric Solid-State Nanoparticles as Magnetic Refrigerator

M.A. Hamad · H.R. Alamri · M.E. Harb 57

Effect of Non-magnetic Ti4+ Ion Doping at Mn-site on Magnetocaloric Properties and Critical Behavior in AMn1-xTixO3 (0 < x < 0.2) Compounds

A. Omri · E. Dhahri · E.K. Hlil 64

Volume 203 • Numbers 5/6 • June 2021


Study of Extensive and Nonextensive Entropy of RbCl Quantum Well Qubit in an Asymmetric Gaussian Potential

M. Habibinejad · A. Ghanbari 369

Detecting Spin Heat Accumulation by Sign Reversion of Thermopower in a Quantum Dot Side-Coupled to Majorana Bound States

L.-L. Sun · F. Chi 381

Splitting of a Multiply Quantized Vortex for a Bose-Einstein Condensate in an Optical Lattice

Q.-L. Zhu · L. Pan 392

Phase Transition Study of Thermal Dependence of Soft Mode Frequency, Dielectric Constant and Dielectric Tangent Loss Properties in CsH2PO4 (CDP) and CsD2PO4 (DCDP) Crystals

M.I. Khan · T.C. Upadhyay 401

Electronic, Magnetic Properties and Magnetocaloric Effect of La2SrMn2O7 Bilayer Manganite: An Ab Initio calculations and Monte Carlo Study

A.S. Erchidi Elyacoubi · R. Masrour · A. Jabar · E.K. Hlil 419

Influence of Uniform Compression on the Temperature Dependence of the Pseudogap of Medium-Praseodymium-Doped Y1−xPrxBa2Cu3O7−d Single Crystals

G.Ya. Khadzhai · A. Chroneos · I.L. Goulatis · S.N. Kamchatnaya · A.L. Chikina · N.R. Vovk · R.V. Vovk 430

Volume 203 • Numbers 3/4 • May 2021


Generation of Effective Field Gradient and Spin Current by a Flow of Liquid Helium-3

Y. Tsutsumi · S. Maekawa 255

Extended Time-Dependent Ginzburg–Landau Theory

K.V. Grigorishin 262

Y3Ba5Cu8Ox Superconductor Under Hydrostatic Pressure

M. Khorramshahi · M.R. Mohammadizadeh 309

Possible Co3+ Low Spin State in Pr0.5–xSmxCa0.5CoO3–d Induced by Sm Doping

I.M.S. Gaona · F.E. Morantes · G.I. Supelano · C.A.P. Vargas · A.J.B. González 319

Thermodynamic Properties and Optical Absorption of Polaron in Monolayer Graphene Under Laser Field

C. Kenfack-Sadem · F.C. Fobasso Mbognou · A.J. Fotue · M.N. Hounkonnou · D. Akay · L.C. Fai 327

Very Low Resistance Al/Cu Joints for Use at Cryogenic Temperatures

S. Triqueneaux · J. Butterworth · J. Goupy · C. Ribas · D. Schmoranzer · E. Collin · A. Fefferman 345


A High Efficiency Coaxial Pulse Tube Cryocooler for Cooling Medium-Wave Infrared Detectors

L. Wei · N. Wang · M. Zhao · J. Liang 362

Volume 203 • Numbers 1/2 • April 2021


Superconducting Niobium Calorimeter for Studies of Adsorbed Helium Monolayers

J. Usami · K. Tokeshi · T. Matsui · H. Fukuyama 1

Intrinsic Properties of NanoCdSAdded YBa2Cu3Oy and (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3Oδ Superconductors

N. Loudhaief · M. Ben Salem · M. Zouaoui 11

Random Magnetic Anisotropy in Amorphous FexNi80–xB12Si8 Alloys with 2.4 x 16

S. El Ouahbi · Z. Yamkane · R. Moubah · S. Derkaoui · H. Lassri 28

Theoretical Description of the Magnetocaloric Effect With Second-Order Magnetic Phase Transitions in La0.65Ce0.05Sr0.3Mn1–xCuxO3(x=0 and x=0.15) Manganite Using the Bean–Rodbell Model of Magneto–volume Coupling

Ma. Oumezzine 39

Immiscibility–Miscibility Transition Driven by Distinct Dipolar Orientations in BEC Mixtures

A. Hocine · M. Benarous 47

The Exchange Bias Effect of CoFe2O4@NiO Core–Shell Nanofibers Based on Annealing Temperature

W. Feng · J. Dai · C. Cheng · X. Wen · Z. Li 55

Temperature Dependence of the Ground State of Impurity Bound Magneto-Acoustic Polarons in Monolayer Graphene

J.-L. Xiao 65

The Scattering Properties of Gaseous Parahydrogen

A.A. Alzboun · A.F. Al-Maaitah · A.S. Sandouqa 74

Effects of Topological Defect on the Energy Spectra and Thermo-magnetic Properties of CO Diatomic Molecule

C.O. Edet · A.N. Ikot 84

Effect of Bound Polaron and Electromagnetic Field on Thermodynamic Properties of GaAs Quadratic Quantum Dot

L.M. Taguefouet · M. Silenou · A.J. Fotue 112

Magnetic Properties of Mn2RhSi Heusler Alloy: Phase Transition and Hysteresis Behavior at a Very Low Temperature

A. Duran 127

Structural and Magnetic Characterizations of Ruddlesden–Popper Family (Ca2-xNdxMnO4) Compound Synthesized by Ceramic Route

H. Issaoui · F. Issaoui · E. Dhahri · E.K. Hlil 143

Structural and Dielectric Properties of La0.5Pr0.2Ba0.3Mn1–xTixO3(x=0.0 and 0.1) Manganite

Rafik. Hamdi · J. Khelifi · I. Walha · W. Hzez · E. Dhahri 158

Ab Initio Study of the Electron–Phonon Coupling in Ultrathin Al Layers

S. Giaremis · Ph. Komninou · Th. Karakostas · J. Kioseoglou 180

Design and Test of an 8T Focusing Superconducting Solenoid of FRIB Driver Linac

C. Li · P. Zhang · C. Liang · W. Wu · L. Ma · P. Ma · Z. Ge 194

Thermodynamics Properties and Optical Conductivity of Bipolaron in Graphene Nanoribbon Under Laser Irradiation

F.C.F. Mbognou · C. Kenfack-Sadem · A.J. Fotue · M.N. Hounkonnou · D. Akay ·

L.C. Fai 204

Spin Squeezing in Bose–Einstein Condensate with Three-Body Interaction

S.-S. Li 225

Stimulated Brillouin Gain Spectroscopy of Superfluid Helium-4

L. Djadaojee · A. Douillet · J. Grucker 234


On-Orbit Performance of the FY-4 GIIRS Stirling Cryocooler Over 2 Years

Z. Jiang · Y. Wu · Z. Lu · P. Zhao · X. Qu · J. Jiang · Z. Zuo · Y. Lu · C. Chen · B. Yang ·C. Ou · S. Liu 244


Volume 202 • Numbers 5/6 • March 2021

Special Issue: Electrons and Ions in Liquid Helium

Guest Editor: Ambarish Ghosh


A. Ghosh 397

Properties of Few-Electron Bubbles in Superfluid Helium-4

Y. Xing · H.J. Maris 399

Trapping Multielectron Bubbles Using a Point Paul Trap

D.K. Pradhan · N. Yadav · P.K. Rath · A. Ghosh 410

Generation and Demolishment Mechanisms of Vapor Bubble Around Hot Tungsten Filament in Superfluid Helium-4

C.-C. Shih · M.-H. Huang · P.-C. Chang · P.-W. Yu · W.-B. Jian · K. Kono 418

Critically Charged Superfluid 4He Surface in Inhomogeneous Electric Fields

Th.B. Möller · P. Moroshkin · K. Kono · E. Scheer · P. Leiderer 431

Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Coronene Molecules Embedded in Helium Nanodroplets

L.B. Ltaief · M. Shcherbinin · S. Mandal · S.R. Krishnan · R. Richter · S. Turchini · N. Zema · M. Mudrich 444

Cryogenic amplification of image-charge detection for readout of quantum states of electrons on liquid helium

A. Elarabi · E. Kawakami · D. Konstantinov 456

List of Participants 466

Volume 202 • Numbers 3/4 • February 2021


Klein–Gordon Equation and Nonrelativistic Thermodynamic Properties with Improved Screened Kratzer Potential

A.N. Ikot · U.S. Okorie · G.J. Rampho · P.O. Amadi · C.O. Edet · I.O. Akpan · H.Y. Abdullah · R. Horchani 269

Quantum and Classical Thermal Correlations in Spin-1 Heisenberg Chainwith Alternating Single-Ion Anisotropy

H. Bahmani · G. Najarbashi · B. Tarighi · A. Tavana 290

Neutral Vortex Necklace in a Trapped Planar Superfluid

M.M. Cawte · M.T. Reeves · A.S. Bradley 310

Properties of Vortex Configurations in Two-Band Mesoscopic Superconductors With Josphson Coupling: The Ginzburg–Landau Theory

S. Yao · L. Peng · J. Lin · J. Chen · C. Cai · Y. Zhou 329

Half-Metallicity and Magnetism in the Full Heusler Alloy Fe2MnSn with L21 and XA Stability Ordering Phases

S. Idrissi · S. Ziti · H. Labrim · L. Bahmad 343

Superconducting 3D Multi-layer Sample Simulated Via Nonuniform Ginzburg–Landau Parameter

C.A. Aguirre · Q.S. Martins · J. Barba-Ortega 360

Remarks on Thermodynamic Properties of a Double Ring-Shaped Quantum Dot at Low and High Temperatures

A.G.J. Vicente · L.B. Castro · A.E. Obispo · L.E.A. Meza 372

Measurement of Residual Stress in YBa2Cu3O7?x Thin Films by Raman Spectroscopy

P. Zhao · X. Ouyang · J. Yu · H. Xu · S. Wang · F. Li 382

Volume 202 • Numbers 1/2 • January 2021


Quasi-2D H2: On the Verge of Turning Superfluid?

M. Boninsegni 1


3He Universe 2020

G.E. Volovik 11

Structural, Optical and EPR Study of Zn1–xFexO Nanocrystals

F. Acosta-Humánez · C.J. Magon · L. Montes-Vides · O. Almanza 29


Evolution of structural, magnetic, and electrical transport properties in Ru-doped pyrochlore iridate Eu2Ir2O7

Y. Wu · M. Li · X. Li · J. Xie 48

Magnetic and Thermodynamic Properties of a Nanowire with Rashba Spin–Orbit Interaction

Y. Khoshbakht · R. Khordad · H.R. Rastegar Sedehi 59

Realization of Precise Tuning the Superconducting Properties of Mn-Doped Al Films for Transition Edge Sensors

Y. Lv · H. Huang · T. You · F. Ren · X. Ou · B. Gao · Z. Wang 71

Thermal Properties and Magnetic Susceptibility of Hellmann Potential in Aharonov–Bohm (AB) Flux and Magnetic Fields at Zero and Finite Temperatures

C.O. Edet · P.O. Amadi · M.C. Onyeaju · U.S. Okorie · R. Sever · G.J. Rampho ·  H.Y. Abdullah · I.H. Salih · A.N. Ikot 83

Specific Heat of Holmium in Gold and Silver at Low Temperatures

M. Herbst · A. Reifenberger · C. Velte · H. Dorrer · C.E. Düllmann · C. Enss · A. Fleischmann · L. Gastaldo · S. Kempf · T. Kieck · U. Köster · F. Mantegazzini · K. Wendt 106

Investigations on Thermomagnetic Properties of YbFe2As2

Mahmoud.A. Hamad · O.M. Hemeda · H.R. Alamri · A.M. Mohamed 121

Structural Characteristics and Electric and Magnetic Features of the Nd2.68Sr1.32Mn1.2Ti1.32Fe1.48O12 Ferromagnetic Semiconductor

J.A.C. Farfán · J.P.B. Lara · C.A.P. Vargas · D.A.L. Téllez · J. Roa-Rojas 128

Calculation of Magnetization and Magnetic Susceptibility Close to Magnetic Phase Transitions in (CH3)2NH2FeIIINiII(HCOO)6 and (CH3)2NH2FeIIICuII(HCOO)6

H. Yurtseven · O. Tari 145

The Casimir Effect in a Weakly Interacting Bose Gas

P.T. Song · N. Van Thu 160

The Impact of Disorder on the Disappearance of Metamagnetic Behavior and Enhancement of Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity for (La1–xNdx)2/3(Ca1–ySry)1/3MnO3 Ceramics

M. Nasri · J. Khelifi · H. Al Robei · E. Dhahri · M.L. Bouazizi 175

Simultaneous Effects of Temperature and Pressure on the Entropy and the Specific Heat of a Three-Dimensional Quantum Wire: Tsallis Formalism

R. Khordad · Ar. Firoozi · H.R.R. Sedehi 185

Studies on the Coherence Time of the Electron Weakly Coupled with Phonons in Asymmetrical Semi-exponential Quantum Well by Employing Linear Combination Operation Method

J.-L. Xiao 196

Fe-Based Superconducting Transition Temperature Modeling through Gaussian Process Regression

Y. Zhang · X. Xu 205

Large-N Expansion for Condensation and Stability of Bose–Bose Mixtures at Finite Temperatures

O. Hryhorchak · V. Pastukhov 219

Magnetic Properties of a Bi-Layer Borophene Structure with Mixed Spins: Monte Carlo Study

M. Qajjour · Z. Fadil · A. Mhirech · B. Kabouchi · L. Bahmad · W. Ousi Benomar 231


How Should We Choose the Boundary Conditions in a Simulation Which Could Detect Anyons in One and Two Dimensions?

R. Fantoni 247

First and Second Derivatives of the Chemical Potential for Noninteracting Particles

J. Katriel · H. Zhang 263

Volume 201 • Numbers 5/6 • December 2020

Special Issue: 50 Years of the Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Part II
Guest Editors: Neil Sullivan · Jukka Pekola · Paul Leiderer


Special Issue: 50 Years of the Journal of Low Temperature Physics (Part II)

N. Sullivan · J. Pekola · P. Leiderer 539


Superfluidity in Thin Films of 4He

J.M. Kosterlitz 541

Thin Films of Quantum Fluids: History, Phase Transitions, and Wetting

P. Taborek 585

Atomically Layered Helium Films at Ultralow Temperatures: Model Systems for Realizing Quantum Materials

J. Saunders · B. Cowan · J. Nyéki 615

Electrons and Exotic Ions in Superfluid Helium-4

Y. Xing · H.J. Maris 634

Multielectron Bubbles in Liquid Helium

N. Yadav · P.K. Rath · Z. Xie · Y. Huang · A. Ghosh 658

Non-equilibrium Phenomena in Superconductors Probed by Femtosecond Time-Domain Spectroscopy

J. Demsar 676

Fragmentation in Frustrated Magnets: A Review

E. Lhotel · L.D.C. Jaubert · P.C.W. Holdsworth 710

Quantum Noise in Carbon Nanotubes as a Probe of Correlations in the Kondo Regime

M. Ferrier · R. Delagrange · J. Basset · H. Bouchiat · T. Arakawa · T. Hata · R. Fujiwara · Y. Teratani · R. Sakano · A. Oguri · K. Kobayashi · R. Deblock 738

Progress in Cooling Nanoelectronic Devices to Ultra-Low Temperatures

A.T. Jones · C.P. Scheller · J.R. Prance · Y.B. Kalyoncu · D.M. Zumbühl · R.P. Haley 772

Noise Thermometry for Ultralow Temperatures

A. Fleischmann · A. Reiser · C. Enss 803

Volume 201 • Numbers 3/4 • November 2020


Superfluid Response of Parahydrogen Clusters in Superfluid 4He

M. Boninsegni 193

Landau Quasiparticles in Weak Power-Law Liquids

J.T. Heath 200


Research Progress of Thermal Contact Resistance

X. Pan · X. Cui · S. Liu · Z. Jiang · Y. Wu · Z. Chen 213


On the Closure Problem of the Coarse-Grained Hydrodynamics of Turbulent Superfluids

S.K. Nemirovskii 254

Cooper-Pair Tunneling in Small Josephson Junction Arrays Under Radio-Frequency Irradiation

G.M. Kanyolo · K. Takeda · Y. Mizugaki · T. Kato · H. Shimada 269

Chaotic Motions in Dynamic High-Tc Superconducting Levitation System with Thermal Effects

Y. Huang · Z.-C. Qin · F.-J. Ma 285

Excess Conductivity, Diamagnetic Transition and FTIR Spectra of Ca Substituted by La in (Bi,Pb):2212 Superconducting System

A. Sedky · A. Salah 294

Plasmon modes in N-layer graphene structures at zero temperature

P. Dong Thi Kim · M. Nguyen Van 311

Tunable Second Harmonic Generation in Antiferromagnetic Photonic Crystal with Graphene

B. Lu · S. Zhou · H. Liang · Q. Zhang · Y. Zhao · S. Fu 321

Dimensional Crossover in the Bose–Einstein Condensation Confined to Anisotropic Three-Dimensional Lattices

K.K. Witkowski · T.K. Kopec 340

Vortices Formed by Two Counter-Propagating Waves for Surface Phonon Polaritons with Material Losses

H.-I. Lee · J. Mok 373

Effect of Ru Substitution on the Superconducting Properties of GdBa2(Cu3–x Ru x )O7–d (x = 0 to 0.2)

A. Nur-Amelia · R. Abd-Shukor 397

Critical Exponent Analysis and Evidence of Long-Range Ferromagnetic Order in Lightly Pr-Doped Nanocrystalline (La1-x Pr x )0.67Ba0.33MnO3 (x = 0.15 and 0.22) Manganites

Ma. Oumezzine · E.K. Hlil 406

New Gd4-6-10 and Gd5-7-12 Cuprate Superconductors

G.I. Supelano · D.M. Buitrago · J.A.M. Gómez · C.A.P. Vargas · J.A. Aguiar 418

Generating a Nonclassical Thermal State Via Number Operators

G. Ren · J. Du · H. Yu · W. Zhang 426

First-Principle and Monte Carlo Calculations of Structural, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of the Double Perovskite Sr2TiMoO6

S. Amraoui · A. Feraoun · M. Kerouad 437

Self-diffusion of Liquid Hydrogen: A Quasi-elastic Neutron Scattering Study

T.R. Prisk · S. Hanna · R.T. Azuah 451

Nature of Lieb’s “Hole” Excitations and Two-Phonon States of a Bose Gas

M. Tomchenko 463

Condensation Energy in a Superconductor for All Temperatures

J. Ortega · F. Zúñiga · M. de Llano 489

Critical Behavior and Its Correlation with Magneto-Electrical Properties in La0.47Ln0.2Pb0.33MnO3 (Ln = Y and Eu) Polycrystalline

S. Mnefgui · A. Ben Hassine · M.L. Bouazizi · A. Dhahri 500

Influence of Topological Phase Transition on Entanglement in the Spin-1 Antiferromagnetic XX Model in Two Dimensions

L.S. Lima 515

Dynamics of a 4He Quantum Crystal in the Superfluid Liquid

V.L. Tsymbalenko 526


Volume 201 • Numbers 1/2 • Oktober 2020

Special Issue: Quantum Fluids and Solids (QFS2019)
Guest Editor: John Beamish

Volume 200 • Numbers 5/6 • September 2020

Special Issue: Low Temperature Detectors LTD18, Part III

Guest Editors: Marco Faverzani · Elena Ferri · Andrea Giachero · Angelo Nucciotti · Andrei Puiu · Monica Sisti

Volume 200 • Numbers 3/4 • August 2020


Friction Force Limits the Drift of Microparticles Along the Quantum Vortex in Liquid Helium

A.A. Skoblin · D.V. Zlenko · S.V. Stovbun 91


Critical Rotation Rate for Vortex Nucleation in Ultracold Rotating Boson Atoms Trapped in 2D Deep Optical Lattice at Finite Temperature

A.S. Hassan · A.M. Elbadry · A.A. Mahmoud · A.M. Mohammedein · A.M. Abdallah 102

Kramers–Kronig Relations for the Dielectric Permittivity of the Coulomb System with a Single-Species Bose–Einstein Condensate

V.B. Bobrov · S.A. Trigger 118

Magneto-Transport Properties of the Ag Doping Sr Site in La0.57Nd0.1Sr0.33–xAgxMnO3 (0.00 and 0.15) Manganites

Y. Marouani · S. Gharbi · F. Issaoui · E. Dhahri · B.F.O. Costa · M.A. Valente ·M. Jemmali 131

Structure and Optical Band Gap of Inverse Spinel Zn2SnO4 Epitaxial Films

F. Lu · Q. Liu 142

Role of Co3O4 Nanoparticles Addition in Infield Superconducting Properties of CuTl-1223 Phase

M. Imran · M.Z. Khan · M. Waqee-Ur-Rehman · A. Ullah · S. Ahmed · K. Nadeem · M. Mumtaz 152

Crystal-Field and Exchange Parameters Obtained from the High-Field Magnetization of ErFe11Ti: Revisited

N.V. Kostyuchenko · I.S. Tereshina · E.A. Tereshina-Chitrova · A.K. Zvezdin 164

Optical Absorption and Tsallis Entropy of Polaron in Monolayer Graphene

C. Kenfack-Sadem · S. Mounbou · S.I. Fewo · M.F.C. Fobasso · A.J. Fotue · L.C. Fai 173

Volume 200 • Numbers 1/2 • July 2020


Theoretical Insights into the Stability of Perovskite Clusters by Studying Magnetization and Magnetocaloric Effect of Nd0.6Sr0.4MnO3 Compound at Room Temperature

F. Issaoui · E. Dhahri · E.K. Hlil 1

Effect of Yttrium Doping on Magnetic Properties and Magnetic Entropy Change of Bilayered Perovskite La1.3Sr1.7Mn2O7

F. Cao · Y. Lu · H. Wu · B. Xu · X. Jin · J. Zhao · X. Sun 16

Study of the Magnetocaloric Effect by Means of Theoretical Models in La0.6Ca0.2Na0.2MnO3 Manganite Compound

B. Alzahrani · M. Hsini · S. Hcini · M. Boudard · A. Dhahri · M.L. Bouazizi 26

Magnetocaloric Properties of Gd1–xHoxMnO3 Multiferroic Compounds

N.P. Kumar · J. Satapathy · D. Singh · M.M. Patidar · V. Ganesan · A. Srinivas · M.M. Raja 40

Low-Temperature Magnetic Properties and Magnetocaloric Effect of Fe–Zr–Cu Amorphous Alloys

W. Yang · W. Li · C. Wan · J. Huo · J. Mo · H. Liu · B. Shen 51

Effects of Adding Transition Metal-Substituted Polyoxotungstates on the Frequency and Temperature-Dependent Dielectric Properties of (Bi1.8Pb0.4)Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+d Superconducting Phase

N.E. Ghouch · R. Al-Oweini · R. Awad 62

Solvable Model of the Thermal Persistent Current at Low Temperaturesof Two-Electron Parabolic GaAs Quantum Dot

F.S. Nammas 76

Volume 199 • Numbers 5/6 • June 2020


Pulse Tube Cryocooler: Phasor Analysis and One-Dimensional Numerical Simulation

N. Almtireen · J.J. Brandner · J.G. Korvink 1179

Theoretical Prediction of Thermodynamic Functions of TiC: Morse Ring-Shaped Potential

R. Khordad · A. Ghanbari 1198

Performance Parameters Prediction for FPFD Miniature Stirling Cryocooler Considering Polytropic Processes

R. Sham · T.K. Jindal · R.K. Saluja · V. Kumar 1211

Performance of Adiabatic Melting as a Method to Pursue the Lowest Possible Temperature in 3He and 3He–4He Mixture at the 4He Crystallization Pressure

T.S. Riekki · A.P. Sebedash · J.T. Tuoriniemi 1230

AC Conduction Mechanism in (Cu)x/(CuTl)-1223 Nanoparticles–Superconductor Composites

A.A. Khan · M. Mumtaz · L. Ali · Mubasher · Y. Slimani · M.N. Khan · I. Qasim 1268

The Superconductivity Mechanism in Nd-1111 Iron-Based Superconductor Doped by Calcium

F.S. Tehrani · V. Daadmehr 1299

Vortices in Bose–Einstein Condensates with Random Depth Optical Lattice

P. Hu · Q. Gu 1314

Low-Lying Collective Modes of a One-Dimensional Bose Gas with Quantum Fluctuation Effect

Z.-H. Wang · J.-X. Hou 1324

Quantum Tunneling in the a − T3 Model with an Effective Mass Term

X. Ye · S.-S. Ke · X.-W. Du · Y. Guo · H.-F. Lü 1332

Investigation on Wicking Performance of Cryogenic Propellants Within Woven Screens Under Different Thermal and Gravity Conditions

Y. Ma · Y. Li · F. Xie · J. Li · L. Wang 1344

Progress and Challenges of Sub-Kelvin Sorption Cooler and Its Prospects for Space Application

X. Xi · J. Wang · L. Chen · Y. Zhou · J. Wang 1363

Volume 199 • Numbers 3/4 • May 2020

Special Issue: Low Temperature Detectors LTD18, Part II

Guest Editors: Marco Faverzani · Elena Ferri · Andrea Giachero · Angelo Nucciotti · Andrei Puiu · Monica Sisti

Volume 199 • Numbers 1/2 • April 2020

Special Issue: Low Temperature Detectors LTD18, Part I

Guest Editors: Marco Faverzani · Elena Ferri · Andrea Giachero · Angelo Nucciotti · Andrei Puiu · Monica Sisti

Volume 198 • Numbers 5/6 • March 2020


The Coherence Time of Asymmetric Gaussian Confinement Potential Quantum Well Qubit

W. Qiu · J.-L. Xiao · C.-Y. Cai 233

Thermal Entanglement in the Quantum XXZ Model in Triangular and Bilayer Honeycomb Lattices

L.S. Lima 241

Doping of Sm3Ba5Cu8O19 Compound with Praseodymium

M. Sandoghchi · M. Akhavan 252

Influence of Non-superconducting Inclusions on Magnetostriction of Bulk Superconductors with Viscous Flux Flow Under Zero-Field Cooling Process

Y. Zhao · B. Shi 269

Volume 198 • Numbers 3/4 • February 2020


Vortex States in a Multigeometric Mesoscopic Superconductor

J.D. González · O.J. Gaona · J. Barba-Ortega 123

Phenomenological Modeling of Magnetocaloric Properties in 0.75La0.6Ca0.4MnO3/0.25La0.6Sr0.4MnO3 Nanocomposite Manganite

M. Jeddi · H. Gharsallah · M. Bekri · E. Dhahri · E.K. Hlil 135

Dopants Effect on Dielectric Response of (CuTl)0.5Ba2(CaMg)Cu3−xAxO10−d Superconducting Phase

A. Raza · N.A. Khan · M. Mumtaz · M. Nasir Khan 145

Low-Frequency Dynamics and Its Correlation of Nanoscale Structures in Amorphous Solids

W. Yang · W. Li · Q. Jiang · J. Huo · Y. Zhao · H. Liu 158

Waves in a Bose–Einstein Condensate of Atoms with a Dipole Moment

Yu.M. Poluektov · A.A. Soroka 167

Periodic Ultranarrow Rods as 1D Subwavelength Optical Lattices

O.A. Rodríguez-López · M.A. Solís 190

Coulomb Drag in Mesoscopic Hopping Insulators

V.I. Kozub · Y.M. Galperin 209

Nonlinear Current–Voltage Characteristics in Composite Systems Consisting of YBCO Superconductor and Y2CoMnO6

T. Sk · A.K. Ghosh 224

Volume 198 • Numbers 1/2 • January 2020


Magnetic Properties and Magnetocaloric Effect of Binary Compound NdPd

Y.J. Wang · X.F. Wu · Y.S. Du · G. Cheng · J.Q. Deng · L. Ma · J. Wang 1

Enhanced Magnetization at the Interface in Fe83Tb17/Pt Multilayers

H. Hamouda · R. Moubah · M. Abid · D. Saifaoui · H. Lassri 11

Elastic Scattering Properties of Ultracold Potassium Atoms in the Triplet State

Q.B. Hu · H.Y. Xiao · J.F. Su · R.R. Sun · Y.S. Zhang 18

Influence of Lead Fluoride Substitution on the Physical Properties of (Cu0.5Tl0.5)-1223 Phase

H. AbuHlaiwa · H. Basma · M. Rekaby · M. Roumie · R. Awad 26

Experimental Investigation of Flat Plate Cryogenic Oscillating Heat Pipe

V. Patel · N. Mehta · K. Mehta · A. Badgujar · S. Mehta · N. Bora 41

Spin-Dependent Electronic and Thermoelectric Transport Properties for a Sawtoothlike Graphene Nanoribbon Coupled to Two Ferromagnetic Leads

B. Zhou · B. Zhou · Y. Zeng 56

Irreversibility Line and Enhancement of Magnetic Flux Pinning in Sm-Doped Y123 Superconductor with CuO Nanoparticles

R. Hajilou · H. Sedghi Gamchi 70

Dynamic Properties of Vortex States in Mesoscopic Superconducting Strips with a Temporally Periodic Pinning Landscape

L. Peng · J. Xu · C. Cai · Y. Zhu · L. Zhou · Y. Zhang 90

On a Fragmented Condensate in a Uniform Bose System

M. Tomchenko 100

Volume 197 • Numbers 5/6 • December 2019


Patterned Supersolids in Dipolar Bose Systems

Y. Kora · M. Boninsegni 337


Niobium Nitride Thin Films for Very Low Temperature Resistive Thermometry

T. Nguyen · A. Tavakoli · S. Triqueneaux · R. Swami · A. Ruhtinas · J. Gradel · P. Garcia-Campos · K. Hasselbach · A. Frydman · B. Piot · M. Gibert · E. Collin · O. Bourgeois 348

Magnetic, Magnetocaloric and Correlation with Critical Behavior in Pr0.8Sr0.2MnO3 Compound Prepared via Solid-State Reaction

A. Ben Jazia Kharrat · W. Boujelben 357

Spin Effect of the Bound Magnetopolaron in a Triangular Quantum Well

S.-P. Shan · S.-H. Chen 379

Dynamical BCS Theory of a Two-Dimensional Attractive Fermi Gas: Effective Interactions from Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations

E. Vitali · J. Gonzalez 389

Magnetic-Field-Induced Vortices and Antivortices in a Mesoscopic Ferromagnet/Insulator/Superconductor Strip

L. Peng · C. Cai · Y. Zhu · L. Sang 402

On the Chemical Potential of Ideal Fermi and Bose Gases

B. Cowan 412

Argon Annealing and Oxygen Purity Affect Structural and Critical Parameters of YBCO Copper Oxide System

A.M. Ali · A. Sedky · H. Algarni · M.A. Sayed 445

Magnetic and Magneto-Transport Properties of the Sb Doping Mn Site in La0.67Ba0.33Mn1−xSbxO3(0.03 and 0.07) Manganites

A. Guedri · A. Alomari · S. Hcini · A. Dhahri 458

Modeling of Magnetic, Magnetocaloric Properties and Dielectrical Characterization of (La0.75Nd0.25)2/3(Ca0.8Sr0.2)1/3MnO3 Manganite Oxide

S. Chouikhi · J. Khelifi · M. Nasri · E. Dhahri · K. Khirouni 471

Magnetic feature of the Z-type hexaferrite produced by the citrate and Pechini synthesis routes

W. Salazar · J.W. Sandino del Busto · L.C. Moreno Aldana · A. Rosales Rivera ·

D.A. Landínez Téllez · J. Roa-Rojas 485

Volume 197 • Numbers 3/4 • November 2019

Special Issue: 50 Years of the Journal of Low Temperature Physics

Guest Editors: Neil Sullivan · Jukka Pekola · Paul Leiderer


Special Issue: 50 Years of the Journal of Low Temperature Physics

P. Leiderer · J. Pekola · N. Sullivan 111


Transport and Phonon Damping in 4He

K. Beauvois · H. Godfrin · E. Krotscheck · R.E. Zillich 113

The Use of Second Sound in Investigations of Quantum Turbulence in He II

E. Varga · M.J. Jackson · D. Schmoranzer · L. Skrbek 130

Metastable Phases of Liquid and Solid 4He

J. Grucker 149

Mass Flux Experiments in Solid 4He: Some History, Recent Work and the Current Status

R.B. Hallock 167

Plastic Deformation and Creep in Solid Helium

J. Beamish 187

Magneto-Oscillations and Anomalous Current States in a Photoexcited Electron Gas on Liquid Helium

Y. Monarkha · D. Konstantinov 208

Superconductivity of Organic Charge-Transfer Salts

J. Wosnitza 250

Magnetic Susceptibility of Topological Semimetals

G.P. Mikitik · Yu.V. Sharlai 272

Beyond the Horizon: Magneto-Optical Imaging Studies of the Kibble–Zurek Scenario in Superconductors

E. Polturak 310

Electrical Detection of Magnetic Skyrmions

S. Wang · J. Tang · W. Wang · L. Kong · M. Tian · H. Du 321

Volume 197 • Numbers 1/2 • October 2019


A Brief Review of Dilution Refrigerator Development for Space Applications

M. Zheng · J. Quan · N. Wang · C. Li · M. Zhao · L. Wei · J. Liang 1


Energy Levels of Quantum Ring in ABA-Stacked Trilayer Graphene

A. Belouad · Y. Zahidi · A. Jellal · A. Bahaoui 10

The Design and Validation of a Zero Boil-Off LAr System for CDEX-10 Experiment

C. Zhang · W. Tang · Q. Yue · J. Zhu · S. Lin · X. Wang · M. Wang · H. Xing 23

Diagram Approach to the Problem of the Normal Phase Properties of the Spin-Polaron Ensemble in Cuprate Superconductors

V.V. Val’kov · V.A. Mitskan · M.M. Korovushkin · D.M. Dzebisashvili ·A.F. Barabanov 34

Homogeneous Paraexciton Dynamics at Ultralow Temperatures by Numerical Simulations

S. Som 44

Quantum Drift Wave Analysis for Low-Temperature Dense Non-uniform Electron−Ion Plasma Environment

U. Rehman 61

Quadrature Squeezing in Extended Two-Site Bose−Hubbard Model with Pair Tunneling

A.-H. Zeng 72

The Effects of Three Magnons Interactions in the Magnon-Density Waves of Triangular Spin Lattices

M. Merdan · Y. Xian 81

Thermodynamic Properties of a GaAs Quantum Dot with an Effective-Parabolic Potential: Theory and Simulation

R. Khordad · B. Mirhosseini · M.M. Mirhosseini 95

Volume 196 • Numbers 5/6 • September 2019


Absence of Superfluidity in 2D Dipolar Bose Striped Crystals

F. Cinti · M. Boninsegni 413


Physical Properties of Ca-Doped Double Perovskite La2NiMnO6

W. Ting · W. Hong-Ye · X. Ru · S. Yun-Bin · X. Bao · Z. Jian-Jun 423

Pairing Symmetry, Nodal and Antinodal Superconducting Gap in La2−x SrxCuO4: A Doping Scenario

S.K. Verma · A. Gupta · A. Kumari · B.D. Indu 442

Spin-Textures of the Condensates with Two Kinds of Spin-1 Atoms Studied Beyond the Single Spatial Mode Approximation

Y.Z. He · Y.M. Liu · C.G. Bao 458

On the Casimir-Like Effect in System of Two Segregated Bose–Einstein Condensates Restricted by Two Hard Walls

H. Van Quyet · D.T. Tam · T.H. Phat 473

Measurement and Analysis of Normal-State Transport Properties of FeSe Superconductor

P.D. Lodhi · N. Kaurav · K.K. Choudhary · Y.K. Kuo 494

Volume 196 • Numbers 3/4 • August 2019


Theoretical Investigation of the Feasibility of Electronic Mechanism for Superconducting Pairing in Overdoped Cuprates

S.R. Chowdhury · R. Chaudhury 335

Sloshing Behavior Under Different Initial Liquid Temperatures in a Cryogenic Fuel Tank

Z. Liu · Y. Feng · G. Lei · Y. Li 347

Thermopower Evolution in Yb(Rh1−xCox)2Si2 Upon 4f Localization

U. Stockert · C. Klingner · C. Krellner · V. Zlatic´ · C. Geibel · F. Steglich 364

Strain-Induced Berry Phase in GaSb Microcrystals

A. Druzhinin · I. Ostrovskii · Y. Khoverko · N. Liakh-Kaguy 375

Magnetic Entropy Change in La0.57Nd0.1Sr0.13Ag0.2MnO3 by Means of Theoretical Models

M. Nasri · A. Cherif · E. Dhahri 386

Magnetocaloric Effect and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study of Gallium-Doped La0.65Bi0.05Sr0.3Mn1–xGaxO3 (x=0 and 0.06) Manganites

M. Baazaoui · Kh. Farah · F. Hosni · W. Cheikhrouhou-Koubaa · M. Oumezzine 401


Correction to: Comparison of NIST SA13a and SA4b SQUID Array Amplifiers

M. Silva-Feaver · K. Arnold · D. Barron · E. Denison · M. Dobbs · J. Groh · G. Hilton ·

J. Hubmayr · K. Irwin · A. Lee · L. Vale 410

Correction to: The 3-Dimensional Fermi Liquid Description for the Iron-Based Superconductors

S. Misawa 411

Volume 196 • Numbers 1/2 • July 2019

Special Issue: Quantum Fluids and Solids (QFS2018)

Guest Editors: Takeo Takagi · Hyoungsoon Choi

Volume 195 • Numbers 5/6 • June 2019


Critical Behavior Near the Ferromagnetic Transition in Phase-Separated La0.5Ca0.2Sr0.3MnO3 Manganite

M. Khondabi · H. Ahmadvand · P. Kameli 381

Structural, Optical and EPR Study of Mn-Doped ZnO Nanocrystals

F. Acosta-Humánez · L. Montes-Vides · O. Almanza 391

Magnetic Properties and Magnetic Entropy Changes of Eu-Doped La0.9Sr0.1MnO3 Perovskite Manganese Oxides

X. Jin · Y. Lu · Y. Sun · H. Wu · X. Sun · F. Cao · H. Chen · B. Xu · J. Zhao 403

Temperature Effects on Singularity Matching and Parity in a Superconducting Single-Electron Transistor

T.A. Zirkle · R.A. Bonek · G.L. Snider · A.O. Orlov 419

Gray and Dark Soliton Behavior and Population Under a Symmetric and Asymmetric Potential Trap

J. Hussain · J. Akram · F. Saif 429

The Sub-mK Transition of CeCu6 in a New Light

E. Schuberth 437

The Effect of Coulomb Impurity Potential on the Coherence Time of RbCl Quantum Pseudodot Qubit

J.-L. Xiao 442

Spin Mixing Dynamics in a Spin−Orbit Coupled Bose−Einstein Condensate

Z.-F. Yu · J.-M. Gao · A.-X. Zhang · H.-P. Xu · J.-K. Xue 450

Possibility of the Higher Critical Temperature on MgB2 Superconductor Synthesized by Powder-In-Sealed-Tube Method

A. Imaduddin · S.D. Yudanto · M.E.H. Rasyadi · Y. Nakanishi · M. Yoshizawa 460

Dielectric Loss of Boron-Based Dielectrics on Niobium Resonators

D.S. Wisbey · M.R. Vissers · J. Gao · J.S. Kline · M.O. Sandberg · M.P. Weides · M.M. Paquette · S. Karki · J. Brewster · D. Alameri · I. Kuljanishvili · A.N. Caruso · D.P. Pappas 474

Volume 195 • Numbers 3/4 • May 2019

Special Issue: Electrons and Ions in Quantum Fluids and Solids (EIQFS)

Guest Editors: Kimitishi Kono · Paul Leiderer

P. Leiderer 263


Self-Diffusion in a Spatially Modulated System of Electrons on Helium
K. Moskovtsev · M.I. Dykman 266

Transport Properties of a Quasi-1D Wigner Solid on Liquid Helium Confined in a Microchannel with Periodic Potential
J.-Y. Lin · A.V. Smorodin · A.O. Badrutdinov · D. Konstantinov 289

Transport Measurements of Surface Electrons in 200-nm-Deep Helium-Filled Microchannels Above Amorphous Metallic Electrodes
A.T. Asfaw · E.I. Kleinbaum · M.D. Henry · E.A. Shaner · S.A. Lyon 300

Can Warmer than Room Temperature Electrons Levitate Above a Liquid Helium Surface?
A.D. Chepelianskii · M. Watanabe · K. Kono 307

Instability of the Liquid Dielectric Surface in a Perpendicularly Applied Electric Field
I. Chikina · V. Shikin 319

Perturbations of a Free Surface of Superfluid Helium by the Ion Wind Produced by a Corona Discharge Above the Liquid
P. Moroshkin · P. Leiderer · K. Kono 327

Anomalous Attenuation of Piezoacoustic Surface Waves by Liquid Helium Thin Films
H. Byeon · K. Nasyedkin · J.R. Lane · L. Zhang · N.R. Beysengulov · R. Loloee · J. Pollanen 336

Review: Observation of Majorana Bound States at a Free Surface of 3He-B
H. Ikegami · K. Kono 343

NMR Frequency Shifts and Phase Identification in Superfluid 3He
A.M. Zimmerman · M.D. Nguyen · W.P. Halperin 358

Electrons Trapped in Solid Neon–Hydrogen Mixtures Below 1 K
S. Sheludiakov · J. Ahokas · J. Järvinen · L. Lehtonen · S. Vasiliev · Yu.A. Dmitriev · D.M. Lee · V.V. Khmelenko 365

List of Participants 378

Volume 195 • Numbers 1/2 • April 2019


UBe13 and U1−xThxBe13: Unconventional Superconductors
G.R. Stewart 1


Renormalized Spectrum of Three-Level Localized Quasiparticle Interacting with Polarization Phonons at Cryogenic Temperature
M. Tkach · J. Seti · O. Pytiuk · O. Voitsekhivska 26

Merging of Rotating Bose–Einstein Condensates
T. Kanai · W. Guo · M. Tsubota 37

Computer Simulation Study of Nanoscale Size Parahydrogen Clusters
M. Boninsegni 51

Single-Photon Quantum Router With a Three-Level Atom Embedded Within a T-Bulge Structure of Coupled Resonant Waveguide
L. Liu · J.B. Yuan · S.Q. Tang 60

Cryogenic Differential Amplifier for NMR Applications
V.V. Zavjalov · A.M. Savin · P.J. Hakonen 72

Negative Magnetic Entropy Change and Critical Behavior of Manganite La0.8Sr0.2Mn1−xCoxO3 (x = 0, 0.2)
J. Liu · W. Wang · H. Wu · T. Wang · Y. Tian · F. Cao · R. Xing 81

The Electron Bubble and the He60 Fullerene: A First-Principles Approach
R. Santamaria · J. Soullard · R.G. Barrera 96

Breathing Mode of an Anharmonically Trapped One-Dimensional Bose Gas
J.-X. Hou · Y.-F. Hu · K.-L. Xue 116

Inhomogeneous Ginzburg–Landau Parameter in a 2D Mesoscopic Superconductor
C.A. Aguirre · H.B. Achic · J. Barba-Ortega 124

A Spiral Surface Acoustic Wave Transducer for Quantum Information Processing
A. Salari · A. Darvazehban 138

The Effect of the Interphase Kinetics on the Motion of a Quantum Crystal in Superfluid Liquid
V.L. Tsymbalenko 153

Thermopower Quantum Oscillations in the Charge Density Wave State of the Organic Conductor a(BEDTTTF)2KHg(SCN)4
D. Krstovska · E.S. Choi · E. Steven 165

Support Vector Regression Ensemble for Effective Modeling of Magnetic Ordering Temperature of Doped Manganite in Magnetic Refrigeration
T.O. Owolabi · K.O. Akande · S.O. Olatunji · N. Aldhafferi · A. Alqahtani 179

Vortex Matter in a Superconducting Square Under 2D Thermal Gradient
E.D.V. Niño · A. Díaz-Lantada · J. Barba-Ortega 202

Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Resistivity of Amorphous Co80–xErxB20 Alloys: Localization and Electron–Electron Interaction Effects
M. Khatami · L.H. Omari · N. Eazizayene · H. Lassri 211

Structural, Magnetic and Magnetocaloric Effect of Gd6(Mn1–xFex)23 Compounds
P.L. Dong · L. Ma · X. Zhou · D. Wang · Q.R. Yao · L. Li 221

Structural, Electrical and Dielectric of Fe-Doped CaMn1–xFexO3–0.5x (x = 0.0 and 0.20)
T. Tahri · A. Omri · N. Hamdaoui · A. Benali · S. Hcini · I. Gammoudi · E. Dhahri · S. Chaabouni 230

Magnetic Field-Driven Spin-Flop Transition in Orthorhombic GdGa
S. Pinninti · G.J.N. Raju 252

Volume 194 • Numbers 5/6 • March 2019

Special Issue: Low Temperature Detectors LTD17, Part III

Guest Editors: Kazuhisa Mitsuda · Keisuke Maehata · Yong-Hamb Kim · Masataka Ohkubo · Chiko Otani

 Measurement of Optical Constants of TiN and TiN/Ti/TiN Multilayer Films for
Microwave Kinetic Inductance Photon-Number-Resolving Detectors

M. Dai · W. Guo · X. Liu · M. Zhang · Y. Wang · L.F. Wei · G.C. Hilton · J. Hubmayr ·
J. Ullom · J. Gao · M.R. Vissers 361

Intrinsic Losses and Noise of High-Q Lithographic MHz LC Resonators for Frequency Division Multiplexing
L. Gottardi · J. van der Kuur · M. Bruijn · A. van der Linden · M. Kiviranta · H. Akamatsu ·
R. den Hartog · K. Ravensberg 370

Simulating Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy Measurements for Microwave Kinetic Inductance Devices
R. Basu Thakur · J. Henning · P.S. Barry · E. Shirokoff · Q.Y. Tang 377

Operation of a Superconducting Nanowire in Two Detection Modes: KID and SPD
E. Schroeder · P. Mauskopf · H. Mani · S. Bryan · K.K. Berggren · D. Zhu 386

Disk Resonator Design for Kinetic Inductance Detectors
N. Zobrist · M. Daal · J.Y. Corbin · B. Sadoulet · B. Mazin 394

Investigation of Single-Crystal Niobium for Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors
A. Dominjon · S. Shu · M. Kroug · T. Noguchi · Y. Sekimoto · W. Shan · S. Sekiguchi ·
T. Nitta 404

Development of Gamma-Ray Transition-Edge-Sensor Microcalorimeters on Thick Membranes
N. Iyomoto · I. Yoshimine · Y. Shuto · T. Kuroiwa · K. Maehata · T. Hayashi · H. Muramatsu ·
K. Nagayoshi · K. Mitsuda · A. Takano · S. Yoshimoto · Y. Kurume · K. Ishibashi 412

Development of a Dielectric Microcalorimeter with Quantum Ferroelectric Materials
S. Yoshimoto · K. Maehata · N. Iyomoto · K. Mitsuda · N. Yamasaki 418

Studies on Terahertz Photon Counting Detectors with Low-Leakage SIS Junctions
H. Ezawa · H. Matsuo · M. Ukibe · G. Fujii · S. Shiki 426

Design of Magnetic Shielding and Field Coils for a TES X-ray Microcalorimeter Test Platform
A.R. Miniussi · J.S. Adams · S.R. Bandler · J.A. Chervenak · A.M. Datesman · W.B. Doriese ·M.E. Eckart · F.M. Finkbeiner · R.L. Kelley · C.A. Kilbourne · F.S. Porter · J.E. Sadleir ·K. Sakai · S.J. Smith · N.A. Wakeham · E.J. Wassell · H.J. van Weers · W. Yoon 433

LiteBIRD: A Satellite for the Studies of B-Mode Polarization and Inflation from Cosmic Background Radiation Detection
M. Hazumi · P.A.R. Ade · Y. Akiba · D. Alonso · K. Arnold · J. Aumont · C. Baccigalupi · D. Barron · S. Basak · S. Beckman · J. Borrill · F. Boulanger · M. Bucher · E. Calabrese · Y. Chinone · S. Cho · A. Cukierman · D.W. Curtis · T. de Haan · M. Dobbs · A. Dominjon · T. Dotani · L. Duband · A. Ducout · J. Dunkley · J.M. Duval · T. Elleflot · H.K. Eriksen · J. Errard · J. Fischer · T. Fujino · T. Funaki · U. Fuskeland · K. Ganga · N. Goeckner-Wald · J. Grain · N.W. Halverson · T. Hamada · T. Hasebe · M. Hasegawa · K. Hattori · M. Hattori · L. Hayes · N. Hidehira · C.A. Hill · G. Hilton · J. Hubmayr · K. Ichiki · T. Iida · H. Imada · M. Inoue · Y. Inoue · K.D. Irwin · H. Ishino · O. Jeong · H. Kanai · D. Kaneko · S. Kashima · N. Katayama · T. Kawasaki · S.A. Kernasovskiy · R. Keskitalo · A. Kibayashi · Y. Kida · K. Kimura · T. Kisner · K. Kohri · E. Komatsu · K. Komatsu · C.L. Kuo · N.A. Kurinsky · A. Kusaka · A. Lazarian · A.T. Lee · D. Li · E. Linder · B. Maffei · A. Mangilli · M. Maki · T. Matsumura · S. Matsuura · D. Meilhan · S. Mima · Y. Minami · K. Mitsuda · L. Montier · M. Nagai · T. Nagasaki · R. Nagata · M. Nakajima · S. Nakamura · T. Namikawa · M. Naruse · H. Nishino · T. Nitta · T. Noguchi · H. Ogawa · S. Oguri · N. Okada · A. Okamoto · T. Okamura · C. Otani · G. Patanchon · G. Pisano · G. Rebeiz · M. Remazeilles · P.L. Richards · S. Sakai · Y. Sakurai · Y. Sato · N. Sato · M. Sawada · Y. Segawa · Y. Sekimoto · U. Seljak · B.D. Sherwin · T. Shimizu · K. Shinozaki · R. Stompor · H. Sugai · H. Sugita · A. Suzuki · J. Suzuki · O. Tajima · S. Takada · R. Takaku · S. Takakura · S. Takatori · D. Tanabe · E. Taylor · K.L. Thompson · B. Thorne · T. Tomaru · T. Tomida · N. Tomita · M. Tristram · C. Tucker · P. Turin · M. Tsujimoto · S. Uozumi · S. Utsunomiya · Y. Uzawa · F. Vansyngel · I.K. Wehus · B. Westbrook · M. Willer · N. Whitehorn · Y. Yamada · R. Yamamoto · N. Yamasaki · T. Yamashita · M. Yoshida 443

163Ho Distillation and Implantation for HOLMES Experiment
G. Gallucci · M. Biasotti · V. Ceriale · M. De Gerone · M. Faverzani · E. Ferri · F. Gatti · A. Giachero · P. Manfrinetti · A. Nucciotti · A. Orlando · A. Provino · A. Puiu 453

Volume 194 • Numbers 3/4 • February 2019


Impact of Nano-Sized Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors Addition on
(Cu,Tl)1234 Superconducting Phase

M. Anas · G.A. El-Shorbagy 183

Ground-State Properties of a Dilute Two-Dimensional Bose Gas
V. Pastukhov 197

Binary Mixture of Quasi-One-Dimensional Dipolar Bose–Einstein Condensates
with Tilted Dipoles

A. Hocine · M. Benarous 209

Spin–Flip Relaxation Between the Landau Levels in Gapped Graphene
W.-P. Li · J.-W. Yin · Z.-W. Wang 224

Spin Seebeck Effect in a Multiple Quantum Dot Molecule with Spin-Dependent
Interdot Coupling

L.-L. Sun · F. Chi · Z.-G. Fu · S.-C. Yu · L.-M. Liu · H.-W. Chen 235

Ultracold Fermionic Atoms in Square and Triangular Optical Lattices with
Non-Abelian Gauge Fields and Out-of-Plane Zeeman Field

Z. Koinov 246

Temperature Effects on the First Excited State of the Polaron in an Asymmetric
Quantum Pseudodot Under Magnetic Field

Y.-J. Chen · P.-Y. Zhang 262

Operation of a Latching, Low-Loss, Wideband Microwave Phase-Change Switch Below 1 K
P. Borodulin · N. El-Hinnawy · A.L. Graninger · M.R. King · C.R. Padilla · L.N. Upton ·R.T. Hinkey · T.E. Schlesinger · A.A. Pesetski · M.E. Sherwin · R.M. Young 273

Shear Piezoelectric and Dielectric Properties of LiNbO3, PMN-PT and PZT-5A at Low Temperatures
M.S. Islam · J. Beamish 285

Optical Lattice Effects on Shannon Information Entropy in Rotating Bose–Einstein Condensates
Q. Zhao · J. Zhao 302

Microscopic Tunneling Model of Nb–AlN–NbN Josephson Flux-Flow Oscillator
D.R. Gulevich · L.V. Filippenko · V.P. Koshelets 312

Excitonic Tunneling in the AB-bilayer Graphene Josephson Junction
V. Apinyan · T.K. Kopec´ 325

Volume 194 • Numbers 1/2 • January 2019

Non-stationary Thermal Electromotive Force Generated by Third Sound
S.I. Shevchenko · A.M. Konstantinov 1

Information Entropy for a Two-Dimensional Rotating Bose–Einstein Condensate
R.K. Kumar · B. Chakrabarti · A. Gammal 14

Equilibrium of Methane and Carbon Dioxide Hydrates Below the Freezing Point
of Water: Literature Review and Modeling

E. Heidaryan · M.D. Robustillo Fuentes · P.d.A. Pessôa Filho 27

New Deep Superfluid Phases of Spin-1 Bosons in Optical Lattice
A.G. Mohamed · M.F. Eissa · M. Mobarak 46

Ferromagnetic-Core Spin Vortex of Quasi-2D Spin-1 Condensate in a Harmonic Trap
G.-P. Zheng · T. Li · Y.-J. Xue 76

The Effects of Free Vortex Decay in Quasi-Classical and Ultra-Quantum Turbulence
A. Mitra 88

Silicon PIN Diodes as Neganov–Trofimov–Luke Cryogenic Light Detectors
X. Defay · E. Mondragon · J.-C. Lanfranchi · A. Langenkämper · A. Münster · W. Potzel · S. Schönert· S. Wawoczny · M. Willers 99

On the Role of Trap Anharmonicity in the Dynamics of a One-Dimensional Bose Gas
Suddenly Released from a Power-Law Trap into a Box Potential

R.R. Sakhel · A.R. Sakhel 106

Performance of Tantalum STJ X-ray Detectors at Elevated Count Rates
M.H. Carpenter · F. Ponce · S. Friedrich · R. Cantor 136

Low-Temperature Heat Capacity of Sr2Ca12Cu24O41
S. Sahling · J.E. Lorenzo · G. Remenyi · V.L. Katkov 142

Common Features in Multi-species Bose–Einstein Condensates and the Origin
of the Inherent Critical Phenomena

Y.M. Liu · Y.Z. He · C.G. Bao 153

Analysis Method of High-Field Pinning Centers in NbTi Wires and MgB2 Wires
D. Gajda 166

Volume 193 • Numbers 5/6 • December 2018

Special Issue: Low Temperature Detectors LTD17, Part II

Guest Editors: Kazuhisa Mitsuda · Keisuke Maehata · Yong-Hamb Kim · Masataka Ohkubo · Chiko Otani

Volume 193 • Numbers 3/4 • November 2018

Special Issue: Low Temperature Detectors LTD17, Part I

Guest Editors: Kazuhisa Mitsuda · Keisuke Maehata · Yong-Hamb Kim · Masataka Ohkubo · Chiko Otani

Volume 193 • Numbers 1/2 • October 2018

Temperature-Dependent Magnetic Properties of Electrodeposited CoPtP Alloy Nanowires
S. Agarwal · R.P. Singh · M.S. Khatri 1

Graphene Nanoribbon Superconductor
H. Mousavi · M. Grabowski 12

Effective Interaction in a Non-Fermi Liquid Conductor and Spin Correlations in Under-Doped Cuprates
S. Bhattacharjee · R. Chaudhury 21

de Haas–van Alphen Effect and Oscillation of the Metal Magnetization
Yu.A. Berezhnoy · V.A. Zolotarev 39

Impurity, LO Phonon and Thickness Effects on the Transition of an Electron in a Gaussian Confinement Potential DQD with a Magnetic Field
Wuyunqimuge · W. Xin · G.-S. Wang · Eerdunchaolu 48

LongHCPulse: Long-Pulse Heat Capacity on a Quantum Design PPMS
A. Scheie 60

Magnetic Properties of Co-doped Bismuth Oxide (δ-Bi2O3) at Low Temperature
Y. Polat · M. Ari · Y. Dagdemir 74

Volume 192 • Numbers 5/6 • September 2018

Ab Initio Study of the Electronic Structure, Elastic Properties, Magnetic Feature and Thermodynamic Properties of the Ba2NiMoO6 Material
C.E. Deluque Toro · A.S. Mosquera Polo · A.V. Gil Rebaza · D.A. Landínez Téllez · J. Roa-Rojas 265

Magnetic Field Effects on Transport Through a Strongly Correlated Dot Coupled to Luttinger Leads
K.-H. Yang · X. Wang · C.-D. Qin · H.-Y. Wang · M. Cui · Y.-X. Dai 286

Universal Features of the Electron Transport in Tungsten–Carbon Nanocomposites
A.D. Bozhko · V.V. Brazhkin · M.L. Shupegin 299

Confocal Annular Josephson Tunnel Junctions with Large Eccentricity
R. Monaco · J. Mygind · L.V. Filippenko 315

Characterization of Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet: A New Type of Adsorption Substrate for Studies of Superfluid Thin Films
S. Nakamura · D. Miyafuji · R. Toda · T. Matsui · H. Fukuyama 330

A General Strategy to Achieve Colossal Permittivity and Low Dielectric Loss Through Constructing Insulator/Semiconductor/Insulator Multilayer Structures
K. Liu · Y. Sun · F. Zheng · M.-Y. Tse · Q. Sun · Y. Liu · J. Hao 346

Vortex Escape from Columnar Defect in a Current-Loaded Superconductor
V.A. Fedirko · A.L. Kasatkin · S.V. Polyakov 359

Volume 192 • Numbers 3/4 • August 2018

Effects of Noise-Induced Coherence on the Performance of Quantum Absorption Refrigerators
V. Holubec · T. Novotný 147

Switching Dynamics of an Underdamped Josephson Junction Coupled to a Microwave Cavity
G. Oelsner · E. Il’ichev 169

Effect of Low Temperature on a 4 W/60 K Pulse-Tube Cryocooler for Cooling HgCdTe Detector
A. Zhang · S. Liu · Y. Wu 184

Role of Co3O4 Nanoparticles in Dielectric Properties of Cu0.5Tl0.5Ba2Ca2Cu3O10-d Superconducting Phase
M. Imran · M. Mumtaz · M. Naveed · M.N. Khan 201

Analytic Expressions for a 2D Permanent Magnetic Lattice with a 3D Bias Magnetic
Field for Ultracold Atoms

P. Karimi · S. Ghanbari 212

Electron Spin Resonance Studies of Nitrogen Atoms Stabilized in Impurity-Helium

A. Meraki · P.T. McColgan · R.E. Boltnev · D.M. Lee · V.V. Khmelenko 224

Fulde–Ferrell State in Spin–Orbit-Coupled Superconductor: Application
to Dresselhaus SOC

F. Yang · M.W. Wu 241

Volume 192 • Numbers 1/2 • July 2018

Magnetism in Solid Oxygen Studied by High-Pressure Neutron Diffraction
S. Klotz 1

Anomalous Electron Spectrum and Its Relation to Peak Structure of Electron Scattering Rate in Cuprate Superconductors
D. Gao · Y. Mou · S. Feng 19

Research on Intelligent Control System of DC SQUID Magnetometer Parameters for Multi-channel System
H. Chen · K. Yang · L. Lu · X. Kong · H. Wang · J. Wu · Y. Wang 33

The Effects of Hydrogen-Like Impurity and Temperature on State Energies and Transition Frequency of Strong-Coupling Bound Polaron in an Asymmetric Gaussian Potential Quantum Well
J. Xiao 41

Nucleation of Bubbles by Electrons in Liquid Helium-4
Y. Yang · S. Sirisky · W. Wei · G.M. Seidel · H.J. Maris 48

Monte Carlo Study of Magnetic Properties of Mixed Spins in a Fullerene X30Y30-Like Structure
A. Mhirech · S. Aouini · A. Alaoui-Ismaili · L. Bahmad 65

First-Principle Construction of U(1) Symmetric Matrix Product States
M.V. Rakov 75

Effect of Magnetic Inclusions on the Effective Magnetostriction of Bulk Superconductors
Y. Zhao · B. Pan · Z. Liu 88

Comparison of the Microstructure and Flux Pinning Properties of Polycrystalline YBa2Cu3O7-d Containing Zn0.95Mn0.05O or Al2O3 Nanoparticles
R.A. Al-Mohsin · A.L. Al-Otaibi · M.A. Almessiere · H. Al-badairy · Y. Slimani ·
F. Ben Azzouz 100

Scattering Properties of Ground-State 23Na Vapor Using Generalized Scattering Theory
A.A. Al-Harazneh · A.S. Sandouqa · B.R. Joudeh · H.B. Ghassib 117

Influence of Chromium Doping on Electrical and Magnetic Behavior of Nd0.5Sr0.5MnO3 System
G. Lalitha · N. Pavan Kumar · P. Venugopal Reddy 133

Addendum to “On the Transition from Potential Flow to Turbulence ...”
by M. Niemetz, R. Hänninen, and W. Schoepe, J. Low Temp. Phys. 187, 195 (2017)

W. Schoepe 145

Volume 191 • Numbers 5/6 • June 2018

Special Issue: Mesoscopic Transport and Quantum Coherence (QTC2017)
Guest Editors: Matti Krusius · Jukka Pekola

Mesoscopic Transport and Quantum Coherence
M. Krusius · J. Pekola · M. Sillanpää 257

Transport and Quantum Coherence in Graphene Rings: Aharonov–Bohm Oscillations, Klein Tunneling, and Particle Localization

A. Filusch · C. Wurl · A. Pieper · H. Fehske 259

Breakdown of Zero-Energy Quantum Hall State in Graphene in the Light of Current Fluctuations and Shot Noise
A. Laitinen · M. Kumar · T. Elo · Y. Liu · T.S. Abhilash · P.J. Hakonen 272

Investigation of Supercurrent in the Quantum Hall Regime in Graphene Josephson Junctions
A.W. Draelos · M.T. Wei · A. Seredinski · C.T. Ke · Y. Mehta · R. Chamberlain ·
K. Watanabe · T. Taniguchi · M. Yamamoto · S. Tarucha · I.V. Borzenets · F. Amet · G. Finkelstein 288

Coulomb Blockade and Multiple Andreev Reflection in a Superconducting Single-Electron Transistor
T. Lorenz · S. Sprenger · E. Scheer 301

High-Precision Displacement Sensing of Monolithic Piezoelectric Disk Resonators Using a Single-Electron Transistor
J. Li · J.T. Santos · M.A. Sillanpää 316

The Stationary SQUID
J. Berger 330

Magnetometry with Low-Resistance Proximity Josephson Junction
R.N. Jabdaraghi · J.T. Peltonen · D.S. Golubev · J.P. Pekola 344

Multilevel Effects in a Driven Generalized Rabi Model
I. Pietikäinen · S. Danilin · K.S. Kumar · J. Tuorila · G.S. Paraoanu 354

Effects of Energy Dissipation on the Parametric Excitation of a Coupled Qubit–Cavity System
S.V. Remizov · A.A. Zhukov · D.S. Shapiro · W.V. Pogosov · Yu.E. Lozovik 365

Quantum Noise of Electron–Phonon Heat Current
J.P. Pekola · B. Karimi 373

Formal Equivalence Between Partitioned and Partition-Free Quenches in Quantum Transport
M. Ridley · R. Tuovinen 380

Quasiclassical Theory of Spin Dynamics in Superfluid 3He: Kinetic Equations in the Bulk and Spin Response of Surface Majorana States
M.A. Silaev 393

Stability of the Superconducting d-Wave Pairing Toward the Intersite Coulomb Repulsion in CuO2 Plane
V.V. Val’kov · D.M. Dzebisashvili · M.M. Korovushkin · A.F. Barabanov 408

List of Participants 426

Volume 191 • Numbers 3/4 • May 2018

Conductivity of Weakly Disordered Metals Close to a “Ferromagnetic” Quantum Critical Point
G. Kastrinakis 123

Co-current Doping Effect of Nanoscale Carbon and Aluminum Nitride on Critical Current Density and Flux Pinning Properties of Bulk MgB2 Superconductors
D. Tripathi · T.K. Dey 136

Morphological Simulation of Phase Separation Coupled Oscillation Shear and Varying Temperature Fields
H. Wang · X. Li · K. Lin · X. Geng 153

Creating Spin-One Fermions in the Presence of Artificial Spin–Orbit Fields: Emergent Spinor Physics and Spectroscopic Properties
D.M. Kurkcuoglu · C.A.R.S. de Melo 174

Annealing Effects on the Normal-State Resistive Properties of Underdoped Cuprates
R.V. Vovk · G.Ya. Khadzhai · Z.F. Nazyrov · S.N. Kamchatnaya · A. Feher · O.V. Dobrovolskiy 184

New Optical Field Generated by Partial Tracing Over Two-Mode Squeezing–Rotating Entangled Vacuum State *
G. Ren · J. Du · W.-H. Zhang 194

Robustness of Quantum Discord Between Two Noninteracting Qubits in Spin-Star Baths
L. Xu 206

Inhomogeneous Phase Effect of Smart Meta-Superconducting MgB2
Y. Li · H. Chen · W. Qi · G. Chen · X. Zhao 217

Development of Pulse Tube Cryocoolers at SITP for Space Application
A. Zhang · Y. Wu · S. Liu · H. Yu · B. Yang 228

Kinematics of the Doped Quantum Vortices in Superfluid Helium Droplets
C. Bernando · A.F. Vilesov 242

Volume 191 • Numbers 1/2 • April 2018

Special Issue: Topological Matter and Flat Bands
Guest Editor: Pablo Esquinazi

Pablo Esquinazi

Universal behavior of quantum spin liquid and optical conductivity in the insulator herbertsmithite
V.R. Shaginyan · A.Z. Msezane · V.A. Stephanovich · K.G. Popov · G.S. Japaridze

Theory of Fermi liquid with flat bands
V. A. Khodel

Two topologically distinct Dirac-line semimetal phases and topological phase transitions in rhombohedrally stacked honeycomb lattices
T. Hyart · R. Ojajärvi · T. T. Heikkilä

Quantum transport and non-Hermiticity on flatband lattices
Hee Chul Park · Jung-Wan Ryu · Nojoon Myoung

Surface Andreev bound states and odd-frequency pairing in topological superconductor junctions
Yukio Tanaka · Shun Tamura

Witten Effect and Fractional Charges on the Domain Wall and the D-brane-like Dot
I. Kanazawa · R. Maeda

Minimal conductance quantization in a normal-metal/unconventional-superconductor junction
Satoshi Ikegaya · Yasuhiro Asano

Local Magnetic Measurements of Trapped Flux Through a Permanent Current Path in Graphite
Markus Stiller · Pablo D. Esquinazi · José Barzola-Quiquia · Christian E. Precker

Volume 190 • Numbers 5/6 • March 2018

Spontaneous Separation in Trapped Fermi Gas with p-Wave Interactions: Due to the Mass-Imbalance
Y. Kang · Z. Sun · Y. Kang · Y. Li · S. Tan 225

High-Field Magnetization Study of R2Fe17N2 (R = Ho and Er) Nitrides
I.S. Tereshina · E.A. Tereshina-Chitrova · I.A. Pelevin · M. Doerr · J.M. Law · V.N. Verbetski · A.A. Salamova 236

Structural and Magnetic Properties of Eu3+-Doped CdNb2O6Powders
R. Topkaya · C. Boyraz · M.K. Ekmekçi 244

2D Dilute Bose Mixture at Low Temperatures
P. Konietin · V. Pastukhov 256

Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Properties in the System Na0.5CoO3
C.A. Estrada Rodriguez · J.L. Pimentel Jr. · A.M. Turatti · L.F. Lopes · R.F. Lopes · C.A. Parra Vargas 267

Subgap in the Surface Bound States Spectrum of Superfluid 3He-B with Rough Surface
Y. Nagato · S. Higashitani · K. Nagai 277

Fabrication of Optimized Superconducting Phase Inverters Based on Superconductor–Ferromagnet–Superconductor p -Junctions
V.V. Bolginov · A.N. Rossolenko · A.B. Shkarin · V.A. Oboznov · V.V. Ryazanov 302

Enhancement of Magnetocaloric Effect in (La0.67Ca0.33MnO3)/(La0.7Ba0.3MnO3) Composite
J. Khelifi · E. Dhahri · E.K. Hlil 315